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Wyoming rainbowIn Living in the Light, Shakti Gawain said “The physical world is our creation: we each create our own version of the world, our particular reality, our unique life experience. Because my life is being created through my channel, I can look at my creation to get feedback about myself.”

I read this over 20 years ago – followed by Marianne William’s A Return to Love that taught “living out of our vision is more powerful than living out of our circumstance.  Holding on to a vision invokes the circumstances by which the vision is achieved.”

Then Gary Zukav and The Seat of the Soul came along with “You create your reality with your intentions.”

How is it that I know something, believe it; then live like I’m clueless?  For years?  Maybe my foibles and kinks of character led me down alternate paths for other lessons, different messages.  Now, decades later a passage, a few pages and thump, understanding upside the head.  Plant a seed; nurture the soil, the reaping will come.

Do You QuantumThink? by Dianne Collins brings my cornucopia. She quotes the sage “You can only manifest what you are conscious of being.” – She also asks: “when you create your Intent and your Intent doesn’t appear to be manifesting, what do you do?”  Here are “4 Aspects of Knowing” that if applied can open the door to conscious creation:

  1. The 1st Aspect of Knowing – Unawareness: we are clueless; we don’t know what we don’t know – in this “state of Unawareness you are your circumstances.”  Sleepwalking through life.
  2. The 2nd Aspect of Knowing – Conceptual: we see things as information, data; it enables focus and discipline – however “things show up like hard work … you are constrained by the goal … nothing is magical.”
  3. The 3rd Aspect of Knowing – Intuitive: this is knowing without evidence; “a conviction you have, something you sense is right.” You notice the “magic and are open to it coming your way” but “it is still separate.
  4. The 4th Aspect of Knowing – Participatory: “You are participating in the creation of reality … you are the seed … the blossom … the fruit” – “You are the Observer, and you are also that which you are observing.”

What result do I want that is eluding me?  Just notice which Aspect it’s in – “see how that shifts the result.”  Consider something small and “consciously shift it.”  Move it from unawareness or conceptual knowing and Participate in creation.

What about the smack that I want the hell out of my life?  Had to ponder this one a minute or two.  Ms. Collins says to simply watch it – and create a new Intent.  Awareness & Intention.  So simple. Lord, let me not complicate it!

I Am Me


“The whole universe is a mirror which reflects back to you that which you reflect forward into it.” – Lao Russell, God Will Work With You But Not For YouGulf Shores 2


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