You’re Right – I’m Wrong

According to Dr. Dain Heer, ” The only way most people are willing to change something is if they believe that what they are currently choosing is wrong.  They are so busy trying to prove that they are not wrong, because they already believe they are wrong.  So they won’t change anything, because if they change anything, it means what they choose in the past was wrong, but they are not willing to be wrong, even though they have considered themselves wrong every moment of their lives.”

THIS is why I follow the Emerson Rule; it allows me to be wrong in the past and change in the now!  No matter how imperfectly I practice this allowance to be wrong .. I find that letting go of ideas, beliefs, convictions and judgments that new learning and understanding prove wrong FOR ME – I gain a sense of ease and peace with myself that is beyond the need to be right.



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