Knowledge and Inspiration

Lucy 2014 Dec“…knowledge comes in flashes of inspiration as he desires it.  When he expresses his desire by inner thinking it unfolds within his Consciousness, and he recognizes it.  He realizes that he has always known it.”  – Lao Russell, God Will Work With You But Not For You

Seeking knowledge – creating with Intent – allowing what develops to unfold.

What makes living with ambiguity so uncomfortable?  There was a time I immersed myself in astrology.  I thought that if I could read the future I’d be happier with the crap that was happening.  Looking back, some of that “crap” were the best times of my life.  Life isn’t deterministic.  Free will, our daily choices; the quantum uncertainty all unfold life and can only happen in the moment.  Yet the moment isn’t cherished.  How curious.

There is a paradox.  Some planning is necessary if I’m going to be healthy; need to exercise and buy good foods at the grocery.  Planning is necessary to reach my goals; vintage love, education, comfy home, right work.  It makes sense to create with Intent and seek knowledge.  Once that’s done, if I lean into the day I can appreciate what materializes.

Why then do I get caught up in the future?  So I’m not an expert immediately!  Or the past?!  Remember the time I got burnt?  What if it happens again?  Yeah?  So what?!  What if it doesn’t!

I will continue to seek knowledge – and revel in the inspiration I find.  I will create the Intent of the day – and believe in its truth.  I will allow my Intent to unfold – and to rejoice in the wonder it brings.

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“To have faith requires courage, the ability to take a risk, the readiness even to accept pain and disappointment.” – Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving


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