Awareness or Judgment?

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It is not a coincidence.  I’ve been observing (and scolding) myself recently for judging others; after asking my higher self to be more conscious and kind.  So it was quite a surprise, and a thoroughly new concept for me to read today that maybe, just maybe, I am simply aware.

Dr. Dain Heer asked in his book Being You, Changing the World do I “buy the lie that you are judgmental.” What?

.. let’s say you’re walking by somebody who has judgments of their body and you look at their body and perceive all this judgment that the person is inflicting on their body, and that they have of themselves, and you think those are your judgments because you can perceive them.  Now at this point you go; “Oh, I’m so judgmental of people’s bodies. I can’t believe I’m judging somebody’s body like that!”

“Are you really judging their body or are you aware of their judgments of their body and of the projections of other people placed on their body?  And does it mean that you’re judgmental, or does it mean that you’re actually aware?   

I just assumed I was judging.  Dr. Heer says this is a lie.  These judgments of mine aren’t harsh, critical or put-downs.  Truthfully they do feel more like observations.  I’m telling myself that I must stop this judging!  But I like being aware.  I like being tuned into the vibe around me.  Something new to think about, to meditate on and consider.  I like this concept.  It makes sense.

Coincidence?  No, this came to me as I was ready to see it.


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