Growth & Learning

I am in – the die is cast.  Setting aside my overwhelming need for perfection, my ignorance, I lurch forward.  Yes I am green, I am inexperienced and raw in this new world.  And here on day three, I’ve been approached by the experienced, those with know-how to allow them to lend me a hand and accomplish – in two weeks – that which will likely take me months, years to deliver; for a fee of course. I want to learn; I want to grow – and lurching forward somehow feels right.  Seth Godin’s blog from 5/11/14 said to “Set a date” – be serious and start.  I also acknowledge his warning that I will start out “bad” and with effort grow to “good” even “great”.  But I have to start. Thank you for your offers – I may even take you up on them at some point.  Right now, I will just start.

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