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For the times I get hijacked by the committee in my head . . . a nice reminder from Deepak Chopra’s book, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof:

“There was a monkey who was shut inside a small room in a castle tower. Nothing was happening in the room, but the monkey wasn’t content to sit there.

“The monkey could only divert himself by going to the window and looking out at the world. This distracted him for a while, but then he started to think about his situation. How did he get in this tower? Who captured him and put him there? The monkey’s mood began to darken. There was nothing to do, no one to talk to. These thoughts made him more and more depressed. The room seemed to close in; the monkey started to sweat anxiously. No, he suddenly realized, I’m not in a room, I’m in hell. Quickly his depression grew into anguish and anguish into torment. The monkey saw demons all around inflicting every imaginable pain.

“This is it, the monkey thought. I am in eternal hell. And so the torment continued, getting worse and worse. The monkey saw no way out. But gradually it actually got used to torment, and then a bit bored. How much time had elapsed? Years, ages-the monkey couldn’t remember. But in his mind he saw images of the nice room he used to live in. It wasn’t such a bad room, not really. In fact, it was rather pleasant to be by oneself looking out the window at all the fascinating things going on outside.

“Bit by bit the demons stopped torturing the monkey and withdraw. He began to feel better, and soon the day came when he found himself back in the room as before, only now he was feeling optimistic. Life was free of pain, which is enjoyable in itself. The monkey grew more cheerful, and then . . .”

“. . . The monkey is going to heaven.”

“He starts to feel better and better, until he imagines himself in Paradise, and instead of being punished by demons he is being soothed by angels. Ah, the monkey thinks, I am in eternal bliss.”

“Until he gets bored again. . .”

“The monkey is the mind, sitting alone in the tower of the head. As the mind expands with pleasure and contracts with pain, it creates every possible world, constantly falling for its own creations. The monkey will believe in heaven for a while, but then boredom will set in, and being the seed of discontent, boredom will pull him out of heaven and back down to hell.”

“. . . So we’re all trapped. That’s horrible. . .”

“Only if you agree to be trapped.  I didn’t say the tower was locked” . . . “There is an infinite domain outside the castle walls. Take your mind outside the walls. There is freedom outside, and having achieved it, you will never be forced to go to heaven or hell again.”

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Good to know the door isn’t locked!  Trick may be getting my tush over the threshold.


You’re Right – I’m Wrong

According to Dr. Dain Heer, ” The only way most people are willing to change something is if they believe that what they are currently choosing is wrong.  They are so busy trying to prove that they are not wrong, because they already believe they are wrong.  So they won’t change anything, because if they change anything, it means what they choose in the past was wrong, but they are not willing to be wrong, even though they have considered themselves wrong every moment of their lives.”

THIS is why I follow the Emerson Rule; it allows me to be wrong in the past and change in the now!  No matter how imperfectly I practice this allowance to be wrong .. I find that letting go of ideas, beliefs, convictions and judgments that new learning and understanding prove wrong FOR ME – I gain a sense of ease and peace with myself that is beyond the need to be right.