Turtle on my Knee

Listening to the new song Attention, by Charlie Puth – I had a classic mis-heard lyric moment!

What the heck’s this “turtle on my knee” mean?  Is this some new thing kids are saying?  I’m an old fart now, so I‘m not always on point!

Did a search (love that internet!) – LOL . . . I’m not alone hearing what I heard!  Whew!

What he’s REALLY saying is:

“You’ve been runnin’ round, runnin’ round, runnin’ round

Throwin’ that dirt all on my name”

Personally . . . I’d love for “turtle on my knee” to show up as “throwing shade”  – that would be hilarious!

Lowkey Letters #1091


To Be Understood

The idea planted by one of my yoga teachers that “being understood” may be a symptom of my having to be right.

Having to be right sucks energy and enthusiasm from relationships.

It seems important to be understood for a relationship to flourish.

How important is it that I be understood?

Who do I want to get me?


More contemplation required.

Lowkey Letters #942717


No Expectations

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be “struck wise?”

Been spending lots of time meditating on and contemplating living with no expectations, surrender; complete acceptance of what is.  The acceptance of things I can’t change.

Maybe the time for reflection on wisdom and courage has arrived.

Lowkey Letters #91017


Not My Monkey

“Not my circus . . . not my monkey”

My new mantra.

Spent hours searching within – making sure the crap flying around isn’t mine.  Conclusion?  It isn’t.  Not my circus, not my monkey.  Can’t “fix” it.  All I can do is have compassion and empathy . . . and step out of the way.

Lowkey Letters #9416